Pieces of Tangier - a Film by Jenny Roberts

Pieces of Tangier explores Tangier Island, Virginia, a community threatened by shoreline erosion and the need for a protection to save the island from disappearing. The film is 45 minutes long and will arrive within 2 weeks of your order.  You can contact Jenny at howtobelight@gmail.com and please connect with us on Facebook!
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On the remote island of Tangier, Virginia, commercial watermen carry on the tradition of their forefathers, sustaining their families and a community of 450 people by harvesting crabs and oysters. This Chesapeake Bay community, founded in the 1600's, faces erosion and changing sea levels that are threatening the very existence of Tangier Island. The community is confronted with the triple threat of erosion by wind and wave, government regulations that impact their livelihood, and an outflow of young people, moving to the mainland for college, and staying off due to the decline of the seafood industry. this film documents the people of Tangier's struggle to preserve their way of life and save their disappearing island.